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How can we help you transition from the trap of "self-employment" to
the freedom of true "business ownership"?

Business Advisory Solutions.

Historically, the role of the Accountant is to provide end-of-year tax returns and out of date financials which is a cost with little benefit. This is not the Trinity Next Level Accounting way. We believe our passion for connection, innovation, proactive solutions and personalised service sets us apart.

At Trinity we believe that a good Accountant knows numbers, but a great Accountant knows people. We combine our Business Coaching and Advisory services with our accounting expertise, providing you with tailored commercial advice. We’re the one-stop-shop for all your business solutions.

As great Accountants we will:

In business, ‘challenge’ comes with the territory, whether it’s from the steady pursuit of strategic objectives, or addressing unforeseen circumstances. In either case, successful navigation takes leadership and commitment. At Trinity, our clients count on us to engage their inner entrepreneur to think bigger, dream bigger and place their business in the strongest position.  We truly feel working with our clients is a partnership and we have designed four different accounting monthly solutions to match the stages of your business life cycle. Our solutions grow with you and your business meaning our partnership lasts for life.   The adventures of owning a business are like riding a rollercoaster, full of highs and lows and unexpected turns. As your partners in Business, the Trinity Next Level Accounting team will be sitting there right next to you.

Each solution offers significant value in helping you understand your current financial position through regular management reports and one-on-one meetings. Regular business advice is invaluable in steering your business in the right direction to achieve its maximum potential.

Where are you in your business lifecycle?

Below are our tailor made solutions to match your business lifestyle.


Self Employed
Starting Up

This solution is for when you first launch your business and still doing most of the technical work yourself. Nearly every business owner starts here, but with this solution you will quickly learn about the key drivers in your business, how to manage cash flow and know your future tax position. The goal here is to quickly use this knowledge to build the foundations for scaling a sustainable business and move to the next level where your original business dreams become more real. Owners who don’t use this solution can spend years not knowing their financial position and if they manage to do well by luck rather than design, they often get large unexpected tax bills that kills cash flow.


Business Owner

Most owners reach a point where they have a team of 4-5 staff working for them, but long for the past where they had less clients and no staff! Ask this owner about their financial position and they say they are too busy to know!  This solution teaches clients how to stop working for their business and have their business work for them. As part of the management team supporting the owner in their position as CEO, we meet quarterly adding financial accountability to strategic decisions and helping business owners achieve financial freedom. Topics covered in the meetings include business planning, cash flow, growth strategies, tax minimisation, development and nurture of the internal culture and systemisation of business processes.


Business Owner

At this level you know how to keep your customers happy with your great service and your staff love working for your business and the culture is strong and healthy. You are ready to stop thinking about what the business needs to do next week and instead focus on what the business should be doing in 6 months from now and beyond. 

You have lots of new ideas that haven’t been tested yet and you want the strategic financial support to test and measure changes you are making in real time. This solution is for when you have a great business that has the potential to still greatly improve with the help of a virtual CFO identifying problems and opportunities.       


Business Owner
Set Free

Gone beyond Evolved? You know that your free time is the most valuable resource and want more of it. You are still the driver of the company vision and now want help to scale and structure your businesses to operate without your day-to-day involvement. You need a monthly meeting with a virtual CFO for the best strategic financial advice in real time.  

This solution is designed to help you achieve the end goal where your business will be your legacy giving you ongoing financial freedom to live the life of your choice, that is your succession plan.        

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