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How can we help you transition from the trap of "self-employment" to
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Trinity Business Solutions.

Every business owner first starts their business out of love for what they do. For the lucky ones, running their business gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride as they achieve their goals and obtain true financial freedom.

But for others, the reality of running a small business is far from easy. They are burdened with financial pressures leading to sleepless nights. They end up being a jack of all trades, wearing most hats within their business doing admin, sales, marketing and technical work. They spend all their time working in their business rather than on it.

One of the major challenges that SME’s face is a lack of strategic financial planning and risk management. Often SME’s reach a critical point in their life cycle, where business owners don’t have the time, knowledge or resources needed to successfully scale their business, or navigate the next business opportunity, without expert help and guidance.

Historically, the role of the Accountant is to provide end-of-year tax returns and out of date financials which is a cost with little benefit. This is not the Trinity Advisory way.

At Trinity, we believe our passion for personalised service and proactive solutions sets us apart. We combine our accounting expertise with business coaching and mentoring skills to understand the story behind your numbers and provide you with dynamic, insightful and strategic business advice. We truly feel working with our clients is a partnership.

Pumpkin Plan Business Coaching Program.

Our Business Coaching Program is based on the giant pumpkin farmer’s strategy and how it can be applied to businesses in virtually any industry. The program is broken up into 10 separate Clinics and contains over 80 tools, resources, and training videos to provide you with the knowledge and the insights you need to refine your client base and your systems and processes to support profitable growth, and gain clarity on who your top clients are and your target niche so that you can effectively market to them. 

Our coaching tools are designed to identify each business owners Sweet Spot and develop and implement a strategy based on growing that. Watch our video to find out more.

Trinity Advisory Solution Packages.

We’ve created three tailor-made solutions to match your business needs. Each solution offers significant value in helping you understand your current financial position through regular management reports and one-on-one meetings. Meeting quarterly to provide regular business advice is invaluable in steering your business in the right direction to achieve its maximum potential.


Business Owner

Whether an owner of a start-up or an established business with 5 or more staff, ask this owner about their financial position and they say they are too busy to know! This solution teaches clients how to stop working for their business and have their business work for them. We meet quarterly: twice a year to present and discuss your financial reports and twice a year to mentor you through your business goals and action plans, arming you with the tools you need to confidently take-action and achieve your goals. During your two financial report meetings we’ll cover profit and loss, cash flow and pricing model, as well as your business drivers, goal setting and action plans; all working together to help you solidify your roadmap to business success.


Business Owner

At ths level you have a great business model but are lacking the resources and experience necessary to turn your long-term vision and goals into a robust strategic plan. Many businesses make the mistake of marketing anywhere and everywhere. This solution is for when your business has the potential for scalability and growth through better targeting, planning and strategy. Working through our Pumpkin Plan coaching program, we will help you to identify your ideal client so that you can craft your offering to meet the needs and wants of your ideal niche market. Then, using your quarterly financial data, we will help you build out your strategy, adding financial accountability to strategic decisions and helping you to achieve true financial freedom.


Business Owner
Set Free

Gone beyond Evolved? You know that your free time is the most valuable resource and you want more of it. You are still the driver of the company vision and now want help to scale and structure your businesses to operate without your day to day involvement. You need a monthly business coaching and strategic planning meeting, to keep your finger on the pulse of your business and receive the best financial advice in real time so that you can pivot quickly and adapt to the changing market. This solution is designed to help you achieve the end goal where your business will be your legacy, giving you ongoing financial freedom to live the life of your choice, that is your succession plan.


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