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To True "Business Ownership"


Let us help you fall back in love with your business.

Are you feeling trapped by your business, working round the clock, trying to master every task to save money? We get it, we’re a small business too! We know the challenges that come with starting and growing a business. We can provide you with proven commercial solutions to scale your business, grow your profits and give you the lifestyle you've always wanted.

We combine GREAT Accounting with Business Coaching services.

At Trinity, we believe that good Accountants know numbers, but GREAT Accountants know people! We help business owners understand the story behind their numbers, arming them with the tools they need to confidently take action and achieve their goals; supporting them at every stage of their business journey with customised strategies and proactive solutions.


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Let us guide you from the trap of "self-employment" to the freedom of true "business ownership", so you can fall back in love with your business and have the life you've been dreaming of.

“Thank you for showing up at the right moment last year, for being brutally honest, kicking our butts and taking us on as clients. We have been working hard to cross our t’s & dot our i’s in preparation for our next business and tax planning meeting with you. We have so much still to learn and we are super keen to do what it takes to one day work on our business, not in it! Based on your suggestions, we’ve made tough calls, but felt amazing once done!! We’ve successfully changed our estimating process, resulting in people actually valuing our time. We’ve confidently raised our prices to meet market standards and are still winning clients! We’ve been selective about which new jobs we take on and to stick to what makes money. We’ve spent some time doing market research on our competitors to benchmark our service.

First time in our lives, we are not robbing Peter to pay Paul. We’ve learnt the lesson of more is not better, better is better and we can’t thank you guys enough!!!”
Matt & Tracey Hill Hill Built Joinery

Common Pain Points For SMEs

Most small business owners get to a certain level in business and then feel like they are stalling; working long hours than ever before for little more profit. Engaging with an accountant who is also a business coach is the most effective way to identify and address business pain points, so that you can scale your business and grow your profits.

Can you relate to these common business PAIN POINTS?

Your Partner In Business.

We understand the pain points of small business owners and provide insightful, tailored solutions to guide you through your business journey. At our core we feel that we’re your partners in business. We take business personally; in the relationships we build and the service we provide because we know your goals are personal. 

Our Why.

We get great joy & fulfillment from guiding our clients from the trap of "self-employment" to the freedom of true "business ownership". 

Our How.

We provide proactive dynamic advice using each client’s personal “why” with the story behind their financial data to drive business success.

Our Vision.

To have the most delighted clients of any accounting and advisory firm in Australia.

Dynamic  |  Insightful  |  Strategic

We specialise in:


Innovative and proactive advice using your financial data to help you grow your profits and improve your lifestyle.


Comprising 10 training clinics with over 70 tools and resources designed to find your niche, craft your offer, scale your business and obtain financial freedom.


Great taxation planning and accounting enables you to make smart business decisions, and is the foundation of any successful business.  

"When you say things about yourself it’s bragging,
when someone else says it about you, it’s proof." 

Louise Zappala Zappala Diesel

The Trinity Team have helped shape our business mindset to enable us to focus on business development. They have assisted us with implementation of Xero and integration with another platform, business advisory, tax accounting, development of very specific on-cost calculator and bookkeeping. They have always provided an excellent service. Their community focus has enabled us to pull together and pivot especially during hard times.

Jennifer Cavallaro Allaro Homes

It was such a relief when we engaged the services of Trinity Advisory, their professionalism was immediately apparent. They are always up to date with the latest rulings and regulations which gives our business peace of mind and confidence that we are in capable hands. Nothing is too much hassle whether it’s a late-night phone call or a meeting on a Sunday, they are always there to help. Trinity Advisory have helped us grow our business even further and continue to improve our profitability.
Philip Young i-LEC Solutions

Accountants play a critical role in the success of all businesses, and we have found that the gap between average reactive accountants and a strategic partnering accountant can be extreme. The Trinity staff are knowledgeable, responsive and genuinely share our vision for success.  During our time with Trinity we have expanded from a one-man operation to employing more than 40 people and moved from our home office to two warehouses. 

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