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About Us.

Trinity Advisory was first established in 2011 by Rod and Sue Sherrington.

Rod started his working life as a tax accountant in 1991 and then progressed to very senior roles in Sydney (5 years) and London/New York (11 years), across diverse industries such as Tourism (General Manager Finance of Touraust Group ) and investment banking (Head of European Telecoms Research for ABN AMRO / RBS).

Rod was the lead analyst on various stock market listings in the UK, such as Virgin Mobile and his opinions and research have been quoted in the Financial Times (UK), The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine to name but a few. This experience has given him unique insights which he then uses to coach and mentor his clients. Rod has an entrepreneurial spirit and is an advocate for small/medium business owners, truly understanding the challenges that SMEs face.

Sue has a strong background in customer service being a regional manager for various high street store chains in Sydney and London. Sue specialised in turning around underperforming stores through her ability to understand what clients wanted and leading by example.

Trinity Advisory has grown from a start-up in 2011 to an award-winning firm employing over 40 staff in Australia and overseas.

Our Immutable Laws.

Our Immutable Laws are a combination of our core values and self-assigned rules for how we operate as a business and as individuals. They are to;

  • go beyond expectations, always striving to delight.
  • be kind and respectful. No unpleasant people allowed.
  • actively communicate with honesty and integrity.
  • be passionate, inspiring, and dynamic.
  • keep learning to grow and improve.

Enough about us! What about YOU?

At Trinity, we are all about you. We ask a lot of questions because we want to understand what drives you; what is it about your business that evokes your passion; then we work with you to develop solutions that will enhance your business and improve your lifestyle.

We've helped hundreds of business owners to identify problem areas of their operation, make strategic changes and focus on the right path to take their business to the next level.

At Trinity, our clients experience:

PROGRESS. Most accountants look at your past; we look at your future. We provide innovative strategies and solutions to futureproof your business. As Xero experts, we’re committed to tools that enhance your business, give you more autonomy and help you thrive now and in the future.

PERSONALITY. We want to involve, educate and empower you to achieve your business and personal goals.  We have the skills to bridge the financial gaps in your business, and the Passion to truly engage and inspire you in the process.

PROACTIVE. We’re not your ‘typical accountant.’ You know, the ones that contact you once at the End of Financial Year, and then again to send an invoice. We proactively seek solutions and improvements to create successful, sustainable and profitable businesses.

SERVICE. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and personalised client management. You’re more than a number at Trinity Advisory, and our mission is to help the people behind the business achieve their lifestyle goals


If you're ready to take your business to the next level, then contact Trinity Advisory today.

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