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Around 80% of small and medium businesses (SME’s) cease trading within the first five years leaving devastated owners with regret over years spent financially struggling and sacrificing family time for little reward or even an ongoing debt burden.  

Unfortunately, many of the remaining 20% still in business never reach their full potential, trapping their owners into being “self-employed” always working at the coalface, and falling out of love with the original dream of their business providing fulfillment and financial freedom. 

A key reason for these failures in SME’s is the lack of strategic financial planning and risk management.  Often SME’s reach a critical point in their life cycle, where their owners don’t have the knowledge and experience needed to successfully navigate the next business opportunity or obstacle without expert help and guidance.

At Trinity Advisory, our next level accounting services provide significant value to clients as it helps them understand their current financial position through regular management reports and meetings, and providing proactive practical advice on actions to steer their business in the right direction.

We help you make proactive data-driven decisions in your business, taking you from the trap of self-employment to the freedom of true business ownership.

The Trinity Business Analysis Report  

At Trinity Advisory, we believe that good Accountants know numbers, but great Accountants know people.

As great Accountants, we are passionate about taking your business to the next level.

We do this by taking your previous 5 years financial data, understanding your ‘WHY’ and transforming them into a comprehensive “story” via our Business Analysis Report.

This allows us to prepare a five year forecast, identifying the right opportunities that will add PROFITABLE growth to your business, then we work with you to set up strategies and actions to achieve your lifestyle goals.

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