6 Handy Tips To Keep You On Track To Build The Team Culture Your Business Needs

Posted 28 Apr '19

6 Handy Tips To Keep You On Track To Build The Team Culture Your Business Needs

As a business owner, your team look to you each day to provide them with answers on what’s next.Embrace these 6 handy tips to keep you on track to build the team culture your business needs.

Meet regularly
This will allow your team to connect, collaborate and discuss. It will give you an opportunity to give over-all direction on week by week tasks and create visibility on all areas of your business.

Create leaders, not managers.
The best way to teach leadership is by example. How you treat every individual staff member and client, will be picked up by your team. Listening, rewarding good behaviour and calming acting when times are tough are great lessons for your employees.

Get to know your team
Like any good football coach, knowing each individual’s strengths and weakness’ is critical to playing the right team (and winning). knowing your team, is knowing your business.

Provide feedback.
Proactive, constructive feedback is one of the best ways to help your team continue to improve. Don’t over-complicate this process; feedback is often more impactful when it is informal and is tied back to a recent, relevant occurrence.

Address the losses, but don’t forget to celebrate the wins.
Promotions, new contracts, increased revenue, someone taking the initiative to take the bins out… no matter how big or small the win, if it is something you want to see more of in your business – celebrate it. The positive flow on effect of you being proud of your team or their achievements is infectious.


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