ATO is warning Rental Property Owners…

Posted 20 Jun '19

ATO is warning Rental Property Owners…

Rental property owners are being warned to ensure their claims are correct this tax time, as the ATO has announced it will double the number of audits scrutinizing rental deductions, with a specific focus on:

✳️ Over-claimed interest;
✳️ Capital works claimed as repairs;
✳️ Incorrect apportionment of expenses for holiday homes let out to others; and
✳️ Omitted income from accommodation sharing.

Assistant Commissioner Gavin Siebert said:
“A random sample of returns with rental deductions found that nine out of 10 contained an error. We are concerned about the extent of non-compliance in this area and will be looking very closely at claims this year.”

“We use a range of third party information including data from financial institutions, property transactions and rental bonds from all states and territories, and online accommodation booking platforms, in combination with sophisticated analytics to scrutinise every tax return,” Mr Siebert said.

The number one cause of the ATO disallowing a claim is taxpayers being unable to produce receipts or other documents to support a claim.

The ATO has also reminded taxpayers that, since 1 July 2017, they can no longer claim travel expenses related to inspecting, maintaining or collecting rent for a residential rental property, unless they are an “excluded entity”.


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