Mark Dodge Motoring and RACQ Roadside Assistance

Hear from Mark and Sharon at Mark Dodge Motoring and RACQ Roadside Assistance

A business associate recommended that we get in contact with Trinity Advisory to have a new set of eyes so to speak, look at our business affairs.

To say the least, our first meeting left both of us silent on our return to work. We were “speechless”.  The guidance that Trinity Advisory gave us was matching what we wanted out of our business. It felt like our business was important to somebody other than just Mark and I.  From that first meeting, the way that we looked at and operated our business/financial affairs took an upward trajectory.  

Working with Trinity Advisory, we feel as if we're getting honest, genuine personal service. We know exactly where we are at any time. Meeting with our senior advisor on a quarterly basis enables us to see where our business has been and also where we are going in the future. 

Trinity Advisory has, without a doubt, shown us that they are the ideal business partner for Mark Dodge Motoring moving forward in the rapidly evolving and changing automotive industry. Their strategic and analytic approach to our financial management has allowed us to realise new options and opportunities both short and long-term.

Trinity Advisory's personal and professional approach allows for flexibility, transparency and confidence in our business relationship. They are a breath of fresh air and a stand-out accounting & business advisory firm that is the perfect partner for all small to large enterprises.

It's been a real blessing working with Trinity Advisory. They're definitely the business partner for us. Our advice to anyone is “Just do it. Make the call – you won’t be disappointed”.

How Trinity Advisory can help you

At Trinity Advisory, we specialise in tax accounting, advisory services, and business coaching for small businesses located in and around Cairns (116 Mulgrave Road, Parramatta Park QLD 4870) and the Sunshine Coast (2/8 Maroochydore Road, Maroochydore QLD 4558).

If you’re a small business owner who needs help developing strategies to scale your business for profitable growth, then get in contact with Trinity Advisory today! Our team of expert Business Accountants, Advisors and Coaches are here to help!


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