Book of the Month: Daring & Disruptive

Posted 31 Aug '20

Daring & Disruptive

Daring and Disruptive is an insightful and soulful account of the entrepreneur's roller-coaster ride for those who want to succeed almost as much as they want to breathe...who want to make the impossible possible and the ordinary extraordinary. 

After decades of success in multiple industries, Lisa Messenger blends her personal stories with the important business lessons she has learned along the way, from why money is not the only currency to how to fail well. 

Lisa gives listeners a valuable insight into her world, whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned game changer or a corporate ladder climber dreaming of creating your own gig or making positive change from the inside. 

This book will help you dig deep, stay on purpose, back yourself, be true to your ideas, and ensure that if you're thrown to the wolves, you'll have the strength to come out leading the pack. Your life is your message to the world. So embrace the journey and live it out loud.

You can download the book on Audible.



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