Breakthrough Group

Breakthrough Group

After being with my previous accountant for eight years, I felt we lacked communication and was even getting palmed off. Previously my financial meetings would be… you made this much, and this is how much tax you need to pay. We had no brainstorming session on how to get the tax down, or discuss best options moving forward.

I moved The Breakthrough Group over to Trinity Advisory close to seven years ago. Once I knew I wanted to expand the business into the Northern Territory and Brisbane, I needed a think-tank partner who could help steer Breakthrough past all the obstacles and take full advantage of my tax benefits. Knowing such a move would require us to reinvent ourselves, due to the high risk and expenses, I could not afford any slip ups – failure was not an option. 

The Trinity Advisory Team have supplied that support and helped move Breakthrough into a better financial position in a time when you and the competition are all fighting for crumbs. It’s now close to 30 years Breakthrough has been in business and servicing the Far North. I’ve seen a lot of changes, heard a lot of promises, been through my share of tough times, and one thing I’ve learnt is that you need to surround yourself with professional people. If your business is building a future for your family, have dreams to be financially free, or want to attack tomorrow on your terms, well this all revolves around you being successful, you need the best financial team available.


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