GTB Engineering

GTB Engineering

For years we had wanted more from our accountant in terms of proactive strategic advice to make our business better.

We met the Trinity Advisory Team when they first travelled down to see our operations on the recommendation of our bank manager. He impressed us with his knowledge and enthusiasm, but we were concerned his passion was too much! After two more meetings (one again at our premises) we made the move to Trinity Advisory in August 2017.

We now say we wished we had met the Trinity Team years ago. They have helped us see our financials differently and helped me in understanding how to change major contract terms to better suit our cash flow requirements.

We can ring any of the team and bounce business ideas off them and their point of view is always insightful. We always knew what we wanted from our accountant, and we finally found it - a true business advisory firm.

The whole team at Trinity Advisory is excellent in all areas and we strongly recommend them.


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