Small Business Covid-19 Adaption Grant - Round 2

Posted 1 Jul '20

Small Business Covid-19 Adaption Grant - Round 2

Has your business closed or been highly impacted by the shutdown restrictions announced by Queensland's Chief Health Officer on 23 March 2020?  You may be eligible to apply for $10,000 to assist you.

As you may have heard, the Queensland Government have opened up Round 2 of the Grants, with applications opening 1 July.   

Round 1 filled very quickly and many clients missed out on the grant. So we encourage you to, set your alarms for 1 July, get in early and apply as soon as the link is active.

If you organise all the information and documents before 1 July, then the application process will be quite quick. Could an hour of your time be worth $10,000?

What will be funded

In recognition of the significant impacts of COVID-19 on small businesses, the funding can be used towards financial, legal or other professional advice to support business sustainability and diversification.

Trinity Accountants, satisfies this service and you are able to use your $10,000 on services within our business. Such as, bookkeeping training, financial reporting and business advisory meetings to give you additional support in strategizing how to pivot and grow your business out of Covid-19.

How to apply

Get ready to apply by completing the following steps.

  1. Check your eligibility.
  2. Read the application guidelinesfrequently asked questions (FAQs) and application tips.
  3. Prepare your application and supporting documentation ready to submit when round 2 opens.
  4. After round 2 opens, return here to lodge an online application (only available after the round opens).

If you have submitted a round 1 application but haven't heard back yet, you are eligible to apply for round 2.

If you are eligible, what you will need to complete your application:
  • Evidence of impact – Trinity Accountants can provide you with an Accountants letter to cover both turnover and impact requirements
  • ABN details
  • Annual turnover for the past financial year
  • Annual gross profit for the past financial year
  • What do you forecast the annual revenue increase of the business to be 12 months after completing the grant funded activity or project?
  • Quote from Trinity Accountants for financial work and business advisory support
  • Bank Account details

Download the pre-application form here to review and see what you need. Please note: this prefill form was from the Small Business Adaption Grant – Round 1, but we don’t anticipate Round 2 form to change significantly.

What to do from here

Get your documentation ready to apply. Click here to go to the application page. Applications open 1 July 2020 at 9am. 


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