Do your numbers keep you up at night?

Posted 29 Jul '21

Do your numbers keep you up at night?

If your business didn’t need to provide the Australian Tax Office (ATO) with a tax return, would you still use an Accountant? 

For most business owners the answer is a resounding “No”. They see their Accountants fees as a “grudge” purchase because all their Accountant does is ATO driven compliance taxation work. However, understanding and using your financial information is a major key to your future success.

It’s time to find a Great Accountant/Business Advisor, not just a Tax Agent. One that believes in your vision and can provide you with practical insights on how to achieve your goals.

Not all Accountants are the same.

Even at the best of times, owning and operating a small business can be challenging. Owners need an accountant/business advisor supporting them, someone  who understands the ups and downs of business and has the real-world knowledge and experience of business success.   

There is a difference between a good Accountant and a great Accountant/business advisor.  Good Accountants know numbers, but great Accountants know people

A great Accountant will:

  • Be able to transform your data into an understandable “story” and help you use it to make good management decisions in your business.   
  • Help you identify the right opportunities that will add PROFITABLE growth to your business. 
  • Provide information to identify potential costly problems early on and set up strategies or tactics to mitigate or prevent these problems. 
  • Use their expertise and passion to help guide you from the trap of "self-employment" to the freedom of true "business ownership".

Is it hard to change Accountants?

Ask yourself today.

Do I love my Accountant?

Does my Accountant believe in my vision and provide practical insights on how to achieve my goals?

Does my Accountant work with me to provide proactive Tax Planning advice?

If you answered No to any of the above maybe it is time to think about whether your Accountant is the right fit for you. Perhaps your needs have changed or you have outgrown your Accountant, it happens.

We often hear business owners say, “I think it would be too hard to leave my Accountant”.  The simple answer is No. It is actually a very simple and easy process and it can be the difference that makes you fall back in love with your business.



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