The Key to Great Meetings

Posted 14 May

The Key to Great Meetings Lies In One Word: Structure.

In the often-chaotic world of running a small business, every minute counts. Yet it can sometimes feel like we're spending more and more of our precious time in meetings.

As small business owners, we understand the value of every moment and the need to ensure that our meetings are not just time fillers but drivers of meaningful change.

With the right framework, meetings can become more than just hum-drum gatherings—they can be opportunities for collaboration, clarity, and progress.

Let's explore some simple yet powerful strategies to make our meetings more purposeful, efficient, and impactful for our businesses. Here are four simple tips to get you started:

1. Assign Exactly Three Roles Among Your Team for Every Meeting

Knowing who owns that meeting can drastically improve its effectiveness. Having clarity on who is the owner, even if it’s a fast meeting, is helpful, especially if you want to keep it fast in the first place.

Remember, this ownership also means owning all follow-up actions. 

Assigning someone to take notes and another as a timekeeper ensures that A) important decisions and details are remembered and B) the meeting runs smoothly and respects everyone’s time.

2. Schedule Your Meetings to Conclude on Numbers That End in “5”

Instead of scheduling a meeting to run from 1:00pm to 2:00pm, try this simple yet effective hack: Schedule it to run from 1:00pm to 1:55pm. Instead of hosting a meeting that runs from 2pm to 2:30, make it 2pm to 2:25pm. 

This slight adjustment provides crucial buffer time between meetings, allowing participants to decompress, address urgent tasks, or simply take a breather. In a remote-work world filled with Zoom calls, this could simply mean giving your team the opportunity to use the bathroom.  These short breaks are vital for sustaining energy and concentration throughout the day, enhancing productivity and reducing the strain of consecutive meetings. 

Having 5 minutes in between meetings can significantly enhance productivity and reduce the stress associated with back-to-back scheduling.

3. Yes, Every Meeting Needs a Stated Goal Agreed Upon Beforehand

Every meeting should begin with a clear agenda that acts as a roadmap for the discussion, ensuring that all participants are aligned with the meeting’s objectives. 

A well-planned agenda includes the meeting’s title, date, time, location, and participants, along with a detailed outline of what will be discussed. 

This transparency ensures that everyone understands the purpose of the meeting and is prepared to contribute effectively.

4. Keep Focused on Your Agenda
A well-structured agenda acts as a roadmap for the meeting, keeping everyone focused on the key topics at hand. If any tangential topics arise during the discussion, make note of them and set them aside for a separate discussion or action, ensuring that the meeting stays on track and productive.

This approach fosters efficiency and enables meaningful progress towards meeting objectives, maximising the value of your time spent together.

So, whether you're gathering in person or virtually, remember that the key to great meetings lies in creating a solid structure. With the right framework in place, you can unlock the full potential of your team and propel your business forward.

How Trinity Advisory Can Help

At Trinity Advisory, we understand the challenges that small business owners face in navigating the whirlwind of daily operations. That's why our business advisory and coaching packages are designed to empower you to overcome obstacles and unlock your business's full growth potential.

With our expertise and support, we'll work alongside you to develop customised strategies, streamline processes, and instil a culture of productivity and innovation within your organisation. Whether you're looking to optimise your meetings, enhance your financial clarity, or develop your strategic plan for long-term success, Trinity Advisory is here to guide you every step of the way.

If you're ready to take your small business to the next level, contact our team today to learn more about our Business Advisory & Coaching packages. Let Trinity Advisory be your partner on the journey to success.


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