Meet Xero

Posted 1 Apr '19

Meet Xero

What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software program. What does that mean? Think of all the tedious, tortuous, repetitive accounting tasks that you have to look after for your business. Now, imagine something taking those off your plate. You just met Xero.

It’s the best. Here is why.

Work where and when you want to

Paris? LA? Hong Kong? You choose. By securely storing your information on the Cloud (meaning you can access what you need any time, anywhere) Xero lets you work on the go – whether that means a banana lounge poolside or from the comfort of your own home. Likewise, whether you prefer iPhone, Android, MAC or tablet – you can stick with whatever suits you best. Xero is designed so you can work wherever you are, whenever you want.

Every business loves to be paid. Faster.

Say goodbye to PDFs and printed invoices – it’s 2019, after all – online invoices are the way of the future. Why? Because the digital process is faster, trackable, and more consistent (say goodbye to manual errors). But most importantly, they can pay you via the invoice you send over. Talk about efficacy.

Let Xero follow up, so you don’t have to
Let Xero take care of all the time consuming, repetitive tasks that take you away from doing the things that add more value to your business.

Automated invoice reminders can do the chasing for you and the best part is, they’ll never forget. In fact, invoice reminders can act as the middleman between you and any slow-paying customers by promptly sending an email whenever an invoice is overdue (or about to become due).

Xero grows with you
Teeny, tiny, small, medium, big, bigger, large or taking over the world HUGE. Whatever your business size, Xero’s ecosystem can help you. Xero works with more than 500 products so you can design a solution that works (seamlessly) for your business.

Best of all, Xero grows as your business does, so you can start small and build on your existing ecosystem.

We are Gold Champion Partners with Xero (that means we know our stuff!) and we use this product, because we believe in it. To find out more on how you can partner with Xero, give us a call on 07 4041 6188.


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