Pumpkin Plan Business Coaching Program

Posted 5 Jul

Introducing the Trinity Advisory Pumpkin Plan Business Coaching Program

We are so excited to announce the launch of the Trinity Advisory Pumpkin Plan Business Coaching Program. Nearly a year in the making, our Business Coaching Program is designed to guide our clients from the trap of self-employment to the freedom of true business ownership.

Rod Sherrington, Managing Director at Trinity Advisory is a certified Pumpkin Plan Business Coach and a 1 Page Marketing Plan certified coach. We’ve combined our accounting expertise with our business coaching qualifications to bring our clients real, commercially proven business advice and solutions.

Over the years that we've been helping businesses scale and grow, we've learned that all business owners first start their business out of love for what they do. 

For the lucky few, running their business gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride and they are in it for the long term, through good times and bad. 

But for most, the cold hard truth of running a small business is far from rewarding.  They are burdened with financial pressures leading to sleepless nights as they struggle to meet weekly payroll and BAS payments.   Their ‘boss’ is unrelenting and unappreciative, demanding more for less every day.  They end up being jack of all trades and masters of none, wearing most hats within their business doing admin, sales, marketing and technical work.   They are trapped in “self-employment” making just enough to get by and yearning to quit!     

Watch the below video to find out more.

By following the strategies in our Business Coaching Program, we can help you to scale your business for profitable growth.

In the book, Mike Michalowicz outlines the giant pumpkin farmer’s strategy and how it can be applied to businesses in virtually any industry. Here is how it works:

Pumpkin Farmer’s Strategy
How it relates to business…
Plant promising seeds
Identify what is your niche, core strengths, value add, your PASSION
Water, water, water
Target clients who want service in this niche and sell sell sell to them
As they grow, routinely remove all of the damaged pumpkins and pull out all the weeds
Don’t be distracted from your niche, stay focused on what makes you different.  Saying yes to everything - called new opportunities (things you don’t do as well as your niche) dilutes your service offering and reputation/brand
When they grow larger, identify the stronger, faster-growing pumpkins. Then remove all the less promising ones
Identify your top clients and remove the less promising ones.  Bad clients waste your precious time diverting your efforts from your profitable clients, they stunt your business
Focus all of your attention on the big pumpkins. Nurture them around the clock
Focus all your attention on your top clients, know them well in terms of what they want, so you can better serve them and find even more of these top clients to sell to.  Clients who you enjoy working with and vice versa, where you get each other. Then find even more of these Top Clients / Ideal Clients to work with.


The program is broken up into 10 separate Clinics and contains over 80 tools, resources, and training videos to provide you with the knowledge and the insights you need to refine your client base and your systems and processes to support profitable growth, and gain clarity on who your top clients are and your target niche so that you can effectively market to them.

The tools in the Clinics are designed to identify each business’s Sweet Spot and develop and implement a strategy based on growing that.

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