Social Media Hacks For Small Businesses

Posted 20 Jun '19

Social Media Hacks For Small Businesses

We see our clients FACE TO FACE on a regular basis – not because we love coffee but because we CARE about the direction that your business is heading in. We LOOK at every aspect of your business, from the books to the staff to the marketing strategies. We advise you on what you should spend, where you can save, what your growth opportunities are.

One thing we focus on during our catch-ups is MARKETING. Where are you spending your marketing dollars? Are you getting the return?

Here’s some interesting facts about marketing that may assist your business to boost lead generation immediately:

☑️ The average consumer needs eighteen content touches in order to become a customer.
☑️ 70% of the Australian population is on Facebook – if your business isn’t on it, it needs to be.
☑️ Video is highly affective and shoppers who view video are 80% more likely to buy.
☑️ A ‘’share’’ on social media is equivalent to a referral.
☑️ Photos are the preferred method of advertising on Instagram – 36% more engagement than video.
☑️ On an Instagram post – DO NOT EDIT the post for at least 48hours after posting. Even if you have made a spelling mistake. This is because editing will change the posts reach and your engagement will drop dramatically.
☑️ Use PAID Facebook advertising on content that is getting high engagement.
☑️ 85% of people view videos in silence – use captions!
☑️ ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE – for at least 15min after putting up a post on social media, make sure you are answering every person that engages with either a comment of a like.

The key is to start conversation with your marketing. Conversation is the new LEAD. #yourpartnerinbusiness


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