Stapled super fund for new employees

A stapled super fund is an employee's existing super account which is linked, or 'stapled', to them.

When you have new employees that have not provided you with their choice of super fund, you should make contributions into:

  • the employee's stapled super fund, or
  • your employer nominated account (only if the ATO advises you that they do not have a stapled super fund).

You can request stapled super fund details in ATO online services for business, online services for individuals (for sole traders) or your agent can request these details using ATO online services for agents.

New process to request stapled super details

In December 2022, we're releasing a solution that enables employer software and payroll products to request stapled super funds. Stapled super enabled software allows you to request stapled super details from within business software. You'll no longer have to request them separately via ATO online services.

To find out if your software solution will incorporate the stapled super functionality, contact your software provider.

Bulk request process

The updated service standard to process bulk stapled fund requests is 14 business days.

From mid-2023 the current bulk request process will be decommissioned. We encourage employers using the bulk request process to begin discussions with their software providers regarding the solution well ahead of this date.

To learn more, visit the ATO website.


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