Boosting Staff Productivity

Posted 29 Aug '23

10 Tips on how to boost your staff productivity

Are you a small business owner operating in the trade or service industries, struggling with ways to get the best out of your team? If you are, you’re not alone!

Right now, increasing employee productivity in the workplace can be challenging. The workplace has gone through some serious changes lately, and some of these changes might just stick around for good, shaking up how we work.

Various studies have found that the average employee is only productive for three hours a day. That's a lot of unproductive time which comes straight off your bottom-line!  So, if you're aiming to up the productivity game, you've got to have a system that lights a fire under your team.

Over the pasts 10+ years that we've been helping businesses to better manage their finances, scale their business and grow their profits, we've seen it all when it comes to pinpointing challenges within operational efficiencies.

Here are our top 10 tips for business owners to help boost your staff productivity:

1. Develop a good onboarding process

Proper onboarding of new staff is essential for many reasons. A recent Human Resource study found that 69% of employees who went through an effective onboarding program were still with the company after three years, while only 49% were retained without it. Turnover costs range from one-third to half of an employee’s annual salary. Moreover, poor onboarding hampers productivity. Employees struggle to understand their roles, impacting business goals. Studies show it takes around eight months for a new hire to become fully productive, but comprehensive onboarding can significantly shorten this timeline.

2. Set clear expectations

Every team member should know their tasks like the back of their hand. They should be aware of the overall company vision and business goals, and how their role fits into the bigger picture. One of the most effective ways to set clear expectations is to provide comprehensive processes and procedures for your team. For example, if you run a mechanical workshop, you might create a checklist for each type of service. This way, whether they’re doing an oil change or a full inspection, your staff have a clear step-by-step guide on what is required of them to complete the job to your expectations.

3. Effectively communicate

Communication is the glue that holds a productive workforce together. It bridges gaps, resolves issues, and keeps everyone focused on achieving their best. Without effective communication, even the most skilled workforce can struggle to perform optimally. It is important to have structured ways for information to be disseminated to your team in a timely and consistent manner. That might be via regular team catch-ups, emails or SMS messages, a staff notice board or a team communication app.

4. Provide the right tools

We all know the difference the right tool makes. So, equip your team with top-notch gear, to help alleviate issues and increase efficiencies. The right tools don't just mean physical equipment. It could also include software, training materials, or even access to information. Whether it's a construction site, an office, or a factory floor, providing the right tools is a direct investment in your team's productivity and your business’s success.

5. Schedule Jobs Evenly

Balance is everything. Ensure workloads are evenly distributed to prevent burnout and maintain consistent output.  Ensure that team members have their schedules well in advance so they can be well prepared for their working day. Remember, job scheduling isn’t just about assigning tasks; it’s about ensuring your team achieve consistent results sustainably and efficiently.

6. Use Job Tracking Software

Implement a system to track job completion times. Regularly reviewing these reports will unveil insights to fine-tune efficiency and spot potential bottlenecks.  There are several time-tracking software applications available on the market to help you monitor how long each project takes. This can help you understand which staff are on top of their game, and which staff need more training and support.

7. Reduce Distractions

Distractions, whether from music, lights, or colleagues, can disrupt productivity, taking up to 23 minutes to regain full focus. It's vital to minimise these interruptions, emphasising mutual respect for focused work periods and establishing clear blackout times.

8. Reward Productivity

Rewarding staff can be a powerful motivator when it comes to boosting productivity. A little appreciation and reward can work wonders for team morale and cohesion and can skyrocket motivation. Rewards aren't just monetary; they can include recognition and ‘shout outs’, extra time off, team incentives to encourage friendly competition with rewards such as team lunches, morning tea or gift cards.

9. Build a strong team culture

Building a team culture is about creating an environment where employees aren’t just working for a paycheck, but for a purpose. Employees who feel connected to their team's culture tend to have higher job satisfaction. When employees feel they are part of something bigger and their contributions matter, they are more likely to put in discretionary effort. Building team culture is not a one-off exercise, but a continuous process of improvement.

10. Encourage continuous learning

Regular training sessions keep everyone updated, ensuring your team remains at the industry’s forefront. Plus, learning and mastering new skills boosts employee confidence. A confident employee is more likely to take initiative, work autonomously, and make decisions that positively impact productivity.

By implementing these tips, small businesses can ensure that they get the best out of their team while also fostering employee satisfaction, reducing operational costs and propelling business growth.

How Trinity Advisory can help

At Trinity Advisory, we’ve combined our accounting and business advisory expertise with our business coaching skills to help you refine the systems and processes in your business that will improve productivity and support your profitable growth.

If you’re a small business owner who needs help to improve staff productivity, enhance your team culture or hone your leadership skills, then contact us today! Our team of expert Accountants, Business Advisors and Coaches are here to help.


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